What is Oxfam Shelflife?

Discover the stories behind items you find in Oxfam shops, and share your own experiences of Oxfam donated items.

Ever wondered about the stories behind some of the items you find in Oxfam shops – before they were sold to raise money for Oxfam’s poverty-busting work around the world? With Shelflife, you can find out – and share stories of your own experiences with Oxfam donated items.

See it in Action!

Oxfam Shelflife

Tell a story

  1. #1 Get a QR tag from your local Oxfam shop
  2. #2 Take a photo of your item with the Shelflife iPhone app, and tell its story
  3. #3 Attach the QR code to your item, donate it, and help transform lives

Read a story

  1. #1 Download the free Oxfam Shelflife app
  2. #2 Scan the QR code on items in one of 10 participating Oxfam shops
  3. #3 Discover the story behind your latest life-changing purchase

Recent Items

Where can I use Shelflife?

Oxfam Shelflife is being trialled in the following 10 shops in the Manchester area:

How can I get stickers?

Just head to one of the 10 Oxfam shops participating in the trial and ask one of our friendly volunteers to help.